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Spot Metals at Deltinfx

Trading spot gold and silver with Deltinfx allows investors to benefit from movements on the precious metals without having to invest directly in them.

Due to the high liquidity flowing through our bullion desk Deltinfx fixed spreads even during hectic market conditions.

Advantages of Trading with Deltinfx

  • Tight spreads on Spot Gold and Silver, fixed even during extremely volatile conditions
  • Highly competitive tradable prices for best execution
  • Initial margin requirements of $1,000 per standard lot; no maintenance margin
  • No Swaps only for “Islamic account” (overnight interest) on regularly traded accounts – no other hidden fees
  • No slippage on limit and stop orders
  • Extensive charting tools and financial news to add value to your trading experience
  • 92.5% automated trading due to high liquidity flowing through our bullion desk

About the Spot Metals Market

The price of gold and silver is driven by demand and supply; investors buy these precious metals for a variety of reasons but especially to diversify their assets and to rush to quality during economic recessions or other serious crisis. Precious metals have proven their ability to preserve their worth over time when a national currency was losing value. Central banks, the IMF and other government organizations play an important part in influencing the price of gold as they hold about 19% of the world’s gold reserves. Fund managers, whole sale dealers, private investors and speculators make up the rest of the players in the market.