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About Us


About us

Emerging from a rich history of investment excellence, Deltinfx operates years of combined trading expertise across 100 financial instruments provided across our state-of-the-art platforms.

Building on a rich heritage of success and regulatory compliance – Deltinfx is an independent broker built on the strong foundations of its predecessor and continuing in the underlying mission of protecting and enhancing client’s wealth. Having gained our experience in the fields of trading and portfolio management, we always take the conservative approach and ensure that we adhere to even stricter rules and regulations than what our regulator imposes on us.

Deltinfx senior staff is consisting of experts in forex, commodities, and stocks. Many have worked with world reputed global banks and investment houses. Director of Customer Services comes from world renown online shopping site and Head of Compliance is an ex top level member with the US regulator for many years.

Our founders came from globally reputed forex and commodities brokerages and were looking to do deliver online retail trading in a better format.

This is “Who We Are” and together we plan on giving you the best trading experience available. We believe in changing the way people trade Forex and CFDs by offering unique benefits, promotions, cashbacks, tight spreads, and excellent trading conditions. Unlike any other broker, our trading servers and systems are equipped with the latest technology and superior configurations, offering lighting-fast trading experience which is reliable, secure and efficient at the same time.

At Deltinfx we are guided by the “Fairness Principle” and all of our executives pledge to follow these principle in all of their business dealing not just with you our clients but in all of our business dealing with staff, service providers and the general public. We have an internal culture based on these guiding principles.

Our group of financial experts and management masterminds relentlessly explore and follow the waves and evolution of the global financial markets. We have dedicated our resources to providing products, services, tools, market analysis, support and education that will closely and collectively aid our clients in pursuing a much wiser route of trading. And this is About Us.